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About Max Exchange Ltd.

Max Exchange Ltd was founded in 2010 by a group of foreign exchange market professionals, building on their long experience in the financial markets, they strived to create a service based on the high levels of standards they would demand as customers. Max Exchange Ltd’s headquarters are in London, the company is comprised of a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry.


To provide the most customer centric proposition in the industry. We are committed to our clients’ success, by delivering competitive pricing, via the fairest and most transparent order process in the retail forex trading market. Max Exchange Ltd’s main objective is to empower its clients with all the tools they require, to develop their skills, whilst enjoying an unrivalled trading experience, during every step of their journey.

planning & strategy

We strive to develop to serve our customers with the highest satisfaction.

  • Research and improve the work plan to meet the needs of customers.

  • Build confidence for customers to receive satisfied services.

  • Take care and solve problems in the event that customers have problems.

  • Follow and care with intention

  • Providing fast service to create customer satisfaction

  • Promote trading with new promotions regularly.

Trustworthy, Transparent and Fair

Max Exchange Ltd’s ECN/STP model provides professionals, active traders, hedge fund managers and corporate clients with access to real time streaming and competitive prices directly from leading multibank liquidity providers. The ECN/STP model gives Max Exchange Ltd clients the freedom to trade on a more level playing field. Max Exchange Ltd has worked hard in making the world of Forex more transparent with a greater degree of control for traders. The outlined business model is based on utilizing Straight Through Processing (STP), where all Max Exchange Ltd client’s orders are sent to competitive and qualified Financial Institutions, eliminating the potential for any price mark-up, or any conflict of interests between its clients. Max Exchange Ltd’s ‘No Dealing desk’ execution model comes with no dealer intervention and no re-quotes. Client trades are made on prices provided to Max Exchange Ltd by its liquidity providers. The Price Aggregator automatically scans these so traders are assured of only ever getting the best available Bid/Ask price combinations, ensuring that all orders are executed in a truly competitive and transparent method.

“With Max Exchange it’s quicker with the customer, the customer is more ensured of getting exactly what they ordered, and I’m all for the efficiency.

25 nov, 2018

“We use the Max Exchange Dashboard whenever there’s menu changes, time changes due to holidays, or whenever we’re running a new promotion.

26 nov, 2018

“It really streamlines our delivery and pickup service. Regular customers have been ordering more often and their orders have been larger.

27 nov, 2018

“We’ve increased our sales from 20–25% since we’ve implemented Max Exchange and would never look back.

28 nov, 2018

“We’re a really busy restaurant, and Max Exchange gives our customers a really easy way to order, pay, and pick up their food so they can beat the line and beat that lunch rush.

29 nov, 2018

“The training on Max Exchange is so simple, it’s so easy to use. And from the customer’s standpoint it’s very intuitive.

30 nov, 2018

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Max Exchange's goal is to always find the best solution for our customers to maximize their profit. Hence, our services are based on honesty, transparency, security and professionalism. Therefore, being a trader at Max Exchange, you are served by our dedicated highly educated and skillful professionals, who constantly work on the development and enhancement of Max Exchange services. In other words, as our customer, you can see and feel the improvement of the services and the trading systems day by day.

our benefits

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MAX Exchange was founded to provide individual foreign exchange traders with the same professional liquidity, execution, and trading functionality demanded by interbank traders. Our proprietary price discovery and risk management technologies offer individual traders liquidity, consistency, and execution stability in the fast-growing category of Forex.

  • Low spread – No Commission
  • Very fast Execution Speed
  • Leverage 1:1 up to 1:1000
  • No Trading Restrictions & Anonymous Trading
  • ECN Forex Trading Account
  • More Advantages

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